JK Papers Ltd., incorporated in 1962 in Rayagada Orissa, is a pioneer in the field related to the manufacture and marketing of paper. Its flagship brands include JK Copier, JK Easy Copier, JK Evervite, JK Excel Bond, JK Bond, JK SHB Maplitho, CPM Parchment and JK MICR. JK Paper Ltd. is a member of the JK Organization, a leading multi-product, multi-business group of India.

JK Paper, a Rs 6,500 million company, has two integrated pulp and paper plants - JK Paper Mill in Rayagada (Orissa) with an annual output of over 100,000 tons and Central Pulp Mills in Sonagadh (Gujarat) of 50,000 tons per annum capacity. The company has also been consistently exporting its products to markets such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Middle East, South East Asia, SAARC and various African countries. Nearly 50% of the exports is of branded products.

The company is also implementing TPM with the help of Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance. A plant to manufacture 60,000 tons per year of industrial packaging board in Gujarat is under implementation