Terms and Conditions

  1. The Participating Company does not have any right to make representation on behalf of JK Paper Ltd. Neither this Program nor its Terms and Conditions shall be construed as distributorship, joint venture, agency relationship or as granting of franchisee.
  2. JK Paper Ltd. is nowhere making an acknowledgement on behalf of the Channel Partner Company in endorsing the latter's products or services. Any claims made by the Channel Partners to the contrary will result in expulsion of the Channel Partners from the Program. The Channel Partner in the "JK Paper SPL Loyalty Reward Program" refers to wholesaler & reseller .
  3. The Program is open for enrolment for Channel Partners who buy directly from the Authorized wholesalers / JK Paper Ltd
  4. The period of the JK Paper SPL Program will be of 12 months from 1st July '2020 ‒ 30th June '2021
  5. The eligible products in the "JK Paper SPL Loyalty Reward Program" are JK Red Copier, JK Cedar, JK CMax, JK Easy Copier, JK Copier Plus, JK Sparkle and 2 newly added products JK Excel Bond (A4) and Eco Canvas(A4).
  6. The Program has been designed keeping the Trade Channel in mind. The company understands that it is imperative to reward & recognize the Channel Partners for the efforts made to promote JK Paper Ltd. products and maintain a sizable market-share. The company in return expects the same spirit to be reciprocated by the Channel Partners.
  7. The enrolling Reseller have to ensure that they furnish information in its true form and any misrepresented information with respect to reporting purchases or fictitious enrolment in the program will result in permanent disqualification, from the Program and schemes run by JK Paper Ltd.
  8. The Reseller is liable for disqualification/ expulsion from the program and other such program/ incentive schemes, on the observation/report of any unfair trade practices being carried out in the program or otherwise and his reward amount can also be forfeited which shall be final, conclusive and binding on the Channel Partner and will not be liable to be disputed or questioned.
  9. JK Paper Ltd. reserves the right to change, modify, alter or close the "JK Paper SPL Loyalty Reward Program" at any run of time without giving any reason(s) and intimation(s) for the same.
  10. JK Paper Ltd. reserves the right to disqualify any Channel Partner from the Program and any other Company or agency run program, without assigning any reason / intimation / justification thereof to the aggrieved Channel Partner or any other person.
  11. JK Paper Ltd. reserves the right for the computation of the Reward mechanics which shall be final, conclusive and binding on the Channel Partner and will not be liable to be disputed or questioned.
  12. Channel Partners do not have the Option to take CASH in lieu of any kind the rewards/ Incentives. The reward amount will be redeemed only against products, vouchers or services as featured in the Rewards catalogue. Redemption of Reward amount against any outstanding or payments due to any of the Channel Partner are not permissible.
  13. JK Paper Ltd. or its agency is not responsible for delays in courier/ post for the claims/ documentation to be received as part of the program.
  14. All participating Channel Partners should compulsorily provide a Mobile no. /Contact no. JK Paper Ltd. will not be responsible for any mails or text messages transmitted from those mobile numbers.
  15. The Reward merchandise would be available for redemptions against the reward amount accrued by the Channel Partner. The same holds good for any kind of incentive scheme launched from the JK Paper Ltd. stable. Under no circumstances is the reward amount transferable between companies & individuals.
  16. The merchandise available on redemption would carry its routine manufacturer warranty unless mentioned otherwise thereof. For all requests for maintenance/ warranty/replacement issues the JK Paper Ltd. SPL Channel Partner has to directly contact the manufacturer/Authorized agent/distributor.
  17. All products featured in the Rewards catalogue are subject to availability of the goods and supplier warranties/ restrictions at the time of redemption. JK Paper Ltd. gives no warranty (whether expressly or implied) whatsoever with respect to the product/ services offered under the Rewards program.
  18. JK Paper Ltd. reserves the right to cancel, change or substitute any reward at any time without any prior notice.
  19. JK Paper Ltd. or its representing agency will not be responsible for products or vouchers stolen, damaged or lost in transit.
  20. The maximum amount of reward which an individual/ organization can accumulate is Rs.30, 00,000. Beyond this accrual value, the reward amount stands nullified. This is being implemented to ensure Best Trade practices.
  21. Redemption request once given to JK Paper Ltd. cannot be cancelled or withdrawn or changed. On redemption, the Rewards amount would automatically be subtracted from the accumulated balance.
  22. Rewards will be sent to the Channel Partner within 4-6 weeks of receipt of the order on a best effort basis. Notwithstanding the same, JK Paper Ltd. will not be held liable for any delay beyond this time period.
  23. The existence of any dispute regarding the reward products/ services shall not constitute a claim against JK Paper Ltd. The decision of JK Paper Ltd. & its representing agency will be final and binding. No requests and communication will be entertained in this regard thereafter.
  24. Reseller will receive a SMS communication every month from the program Centre confirming the reward amount accumulated by him basis the final purchases approved by wholesaler. Any discrepancy in the reward amount accumulation shall be reported and resolved with wholesaler only and J K Paper Ltd. or its managing agency will not be responsible for any errors or dispute arising thereof. Channel Partner may redeem their gifts quarterly or annually.
  25. Any reward amount from old program year will not be eligible for redemption
  26. Reseller, who wishes to enrol in JK Paper SPL Program, must use the New Registration Form available online on JK SuperSitare website (www.SuperSitare.in) for their enrolment. Need to fill and submit this online followed by the approval from Wholesaler. Registration forms of previous years will not be accepted. (Registration could also be done through Mobile App)
  27. If any reward merchandise is obsolete or has come to an "End of life" stage, then JK SPL Program Centre will inform the Channel Partners & respective Branch Manager and will recommend an alternate product of similar or higher model. The Branch Manager, after consultation with Channel Partner will have the option to accept/ reject the model.
  28. Incase if the suggested alternate model is found unsuitable, the Channel Partner is required to send a new redemption request to the JK SPL Program Centre immediately and no delay in this regard will be considered.
  29. All Issues, concerns and feedbacks pertaining to sales, dispatches, account balance and delivery of rewards should be raised to JK personnel who will login the concern on the Complaint Management System on behalf of the Channel Partner and will revert back with the feedback provided by JK SPL Program Centre.
  30. Redemption of gifts can be done only from this year's online catalogue. (Would also be available on Mobile Application)
  31. Due to market trends, if there is a considerable hike on prices of a product, JK Paper Ltd. reserves the right to either fulfil the budgeted price of the reward amount and the rest would be borne by the Channel Partner or it would deduct the reward amount from the Channel Partners account to fulfil the exceeded price.
  32. In case of unavailability of a product/service or model or logistical constraints in delivery of a product to certain locations, the Channel Partner may be advised to avail gift vouchers as per the reward catalogue in lieu of the said product/service.
  33. Gift Voucher's cannot be clubbed with any ongoing offer in the respective store outlet.
  34. JK Paper will not be responsible for wholesalers not approving the purchase of reseller . It is the reseller responsibility to check his entitlement from the Wholesaler/Retail Distributors or basis the reward amount communicated to him by the Program Centre.
  35. Growth linked amount would be added to the Reseller account at the end of the year only and these growths linked payout would be calculated on all the 8 SKUs i.e. JK Red Copier, JK Cedar, JK CMax, JK Easy Copier, JK Copier Plus, JK Sparkle and 2 new product added JK Excel Bond (A4) and Eco Canvas (A4)
  36. Please refer the calculation of growth linked amount in “Reward Calculation” tab.
  37. No purchase reporting will be entertained / approved post the last date of submission i.e. 6th Day of every month for purchases made in the previous month.
  38. Growth rewards are not applicable for newly registered Reseller in the current year of the program.
  39. The theme of the program is not related or associated with any cricket academy or institution or cricketing events and doesn't claim any rights related to it.
  40. Rewards associated with the cricket theme or otherwise will be subject to availability during the term of the program.
  41. These terms & conditions and transactions contemplated hereby shall be governed by, and construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the state of Delhi, India. Any action seeking legal or equitable relief arising out of or relating to these terms or the manual will be brought only in courts in the state of Delhi, India.